FF-445 Sneaky poops during remote work.

FF-445 Sneaky poops during remote work.

It’s important to note that not all Japanese girls study a lot or prioritize their studies over other aspects of their lives. Generalizations about any particular group of people can be inaccurate and unfair.

That being said, Japan has a culture that places a high value on education and academic achievement. From a young age, Japanese students are taught to value hard work and perseverance, and there is a strong emphasis on studying and doing well in school. Additionally, the Japanese education system is known for its rigor and competitiveness, with a focus on standardized tests and entrance exams for higher education.

Cultural factors such as the value placed on academic achievement, strong work ethic, and societal expectations to succeed academically may contribute to some Japanese girls prioritizing their studies and striving to not be distracted from them. However, it’s important to recognize that everyone is unique and has their own motivations and priorities, and there is no one-size-fits-all explanation for why any individual may prioritize their studies over other aspects of their life.
Sometimes they are so passionate about their studies that they crap in their underpants.


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