FF-663 Japan Seductive Ass Pooping PART-5

FF-663 Japan Seductive Ass Pooping.

The woman spread her plump ass wide open and her plump anus twitched lewdly. She opens and closes it repeatedly until it smells, and the wrinkles of her anus wiggle erotically each time. Eventually, her strong smell reached the depths of her nose, and her anus began to eject thick, brown shit while making a popping sound. The woman looked at me with eyes that were both scornful and yet unable to stop her excitement, and while letting out her hot breath, she laid out her extremely stinky poop in a fascinating manner. Please enjoy to your heart’s content the sight of the women you are interested in (your neighbor’s thong girl, her erotic butt sister, the extremely smelly female teacher, etc.) pooping in front of you. There are also fart-job women who tempt you with their naughty farts.



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